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GAI158 Hemin Iron Polypeptide

GAI158 Hemin Iron Polypeptide
The Fourth Generation Iron Supplement
GAI158 is a new iron supplement purified from fresh blood of healthy animal via advanced extract bio-technology. It is green and nature that no chemical reagent is included in the process. It contains highly pure hemin iron over 90% of which could be absorbed by animals’ bodies easily with no drug resistance, no vestigial and no toxic side effect. It is the most ideal alternative for high effective iron supplements to livestock.
Materials: Animal blood cell
Appearance: Black brown crystalline powder
Guaranteed Analysis                                                     
Fe Crude Protein Ash Moisture
≥2.0% ≥65.0% ≤10% ≤8.0%
  • High biological availability: It can be directly absorbed through the peptide’s absorptive channel avoiding any absorption competition with other mineral elements. It greatly enhances hematopoietic functions to animals and improves animal’s fur appearance.
  • Few side effects & good palatability: Hemin protein provides both trace elements and necessary amino acids for organism, and also has good palatability, few side effects, high security, and easy transportation. It increases the enzyme activity and utility rate of protein, fat and vitamin, and promotes animals’ growth ability.
  • No pollution: It is extracted by genuine biology engineering technology.
Recommended usage:
Animals Piglet Sow Poultry
Dosage (g/T) 400-600
Package: 20kg/ composite fiber bag with poly inner liner
Shelf Life: 24 months
Storage: The products should be kept in a cool, dry environment with complete package.
  • Please use up as soon as possible after open.
  • Keep it from wet, mildew and rat during the transport and storage.