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Carboxymethylated Yeast Beta-Glucan GNC-90

The Gecono GNC-90 is water soluble polysaccharide modified from the insoluble yeast beta-glucan by carboxymethylation. The yeast beta-glucan is extract from the yeast cell wall, which has special molecular structure that can specific activate the body immune cells. The more research shows that the carboxymethylated yeast beta-glucan (GNC-90) not only can effectively activate the lymphocytes, macrophages, B cells and other immune cell activity, but also can greatly enhancing the activity of Langerhans Cells which exist in the human skin and helps repair it. It's origin natural, easy to solute in water, with high purity beautiful color and high activity, It's your best choice when used in beverage and high grade cosmetic.
Produced From:
Yeast cell wall
INCI Name: Sodium carboxymethyl beta-glucan
Appearance: Milky white fine powder
Ingredients ensure:                                                unit:%
CMG   Degree of substitution   Crude ash     Moisture
≥90.00 ≥0.5 ≤25.00 ≤5.00

Molecular formula:

Advantage & Function

1, Bright color, high purity; 2, Best degree of substitution with best activity; 3, Granularity fine and water solubility excellent
* Anti-aging, increase epidermal growth factor (EGF), increase the skin collagen and elastin, used in anti-wrinkle products.
* Skin regeneration, inhibit the harmful free radicals in the skin, accelerate the healing of skin wounds, and dilute the scar, used in scar repair products.
* Skin protect, forming a natural protective layer, effectively resist external harmful substances and UV damage, Used in sun protection products.
* Lock skin moisture, the formation of 3D three-dimensional water barrier, moisturizing skin, used in whitening products.
* Reduce skin sensitivity, balance skin immunity, effectively relieve allergic reaction after mosquito bites, Used in anti-allergy products.
Application:1 High grade cosmetic products    2 Functional health care brewage
Recommended use method: Solute the CMG in water and add into product, concentration is 1 ~ 5%.
Packing: 5kg aluminum foil zip lock bag packaging.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place. The best storage temperature is 2-10 ° C
1. The product easy to absorb air moisture, Using as soon as possible after open.
2. During shipment and storage avoid sun shine, mildew and pest.
Shelf life: 24 months