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  • Genon Group Co., Ltd.
  • Address : No.88 CaiLun Road,ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park,Shanghai, 201210, China.
  • Tel : +86 (21) 51380613
  • Fax : +86 (21) 58951012
  • Contact : Gong Jiasi/Mr.
  • Cell : +86-13774220058
  • Email : gongjiasi@gecono.cn

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The beginning letter “G” of Genon as creation element, the G conveys the industry features and raises the vision concept and imagination room by changing the letter G to simple double helix structure of DNA.
The two curves symbolize the chain, the common cooperation and the consistent effort of Genon Team. The tracking line symbolizes the climbing road of biological industry and the line represents Genon Team are going to the endless ladder step by step for common target.
Blue and green are the basic color of trademark, the blue gives you the feeling of clearing, silence, stability and precision; green gives you the feeling of young, refresh, safety and peace. The both colors represent high-technology and life, further they convey the industry features of Genon.


Genon Group Co., Ltd (Short for Genon Group) holds Shanghai Genon Biological Products Co., Ltd. (Short for Genon Biological) and Shanghai Genon Bioengineering Co., Ltd (Short for Genon Bioengineering).

The group headquarter is located at NO. 88 Cailun Road, ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China. Insisting on the business philosophy “Innovation Creates Health Future”, as well as the company vision “Dedicated to sustainable utilization of bio-resources, to create a safer and healthier life”, Genon Group devotes itself to the achievement industrialization of biological pharmaceutics and biological agriculture.

Over decade years, Genon Group has developed into 5 industries, covering
  • Genetically modified organisms pharmaceutics
  • Aanimal protein and active peptide
  • Plant protein and active peptide
  • Microbial nutrition
  • Headquarter service
Till now it has built more than 30 subsidiaries and bases over China mainland, and it is developing into a Hi-Tech Group of biology industry that is predominant in China and abroad.